Key Arsenal Figure Makes Bukayo Saka Claim As Arsene Wenger Identifies Weakness

Key Arsenal Figure Makes Bukayo Saka Claim As Arsene Wenger Identifies Weakness

In a recent interview, conducted by The Daily Telegraph, Josh Kroenke and Tim Lewis spoke on how Arsenal have climbed the Premier League ladder in recent seasons.

Additionally, they also revealed an interesting revelation regarding a meeting between Arsenal superstar Bukayo Saka and former Gunners head coach Arsene Wenger.

The pair, along with the rest of the Arsenal board, talked about the extent of the changes they have conducted at the club – they have completely altered the culture of the club to incorporate a winning mentality within the squad.

What did Tim Lewis say about Arsene Wenger’s meeting with Bukayo Saka?

Arsene Wenger, despite leaving the club back in 2018 when he retired from professional football management, has retained a strong rapport at the Emirates Stadium.

Upon meeting with Bukayo Saka in the Arsenal changing room, Saka said to Wenger: “Boss, how can I improve?”

In response, a man never lost for words, Wenger merely said: “I think you could use your right foot a bit more.”

Speaking further on Wenger, Lewis said: “We live Arsène’s legacy every day. He coped with this period when you didn’t have a single owner able to back, and control, and invest. He kept the club as far up the table as he possibly could. What he achieved was remarkable.”

What else did Josh Kroenke and Tim Lewis have to say?

The pair were questioned on an interesting quote, spoken by Mikel Arteta, before he re-joined the club in 2019. Arteta said that ‘the soul of the club had been lost’.

The Arsenal board took this seriously – they did what they could to foster a winning culture at the club. They also changed the club’s motto along with it – while it used to be ‘victory through harmony’ but is now ‘acting for a winning team, culture and community’.

This new motto became a reality last season – while they failed to collect any silverware, the Gunners enjoyed their best season in years. Arsenal within a hair of winning the Premier League in the previous campaign, only to be beaten to the punch at the final hurdle by Manchester City.

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