How Many Times Have Arsenal Won The Premier League? How Gunners’ Title Record Compares To Rivals

How Many Times Have Arsenal Won The Premier League? How Gunners’ Title Record Compares To Rivals

In the course of Arsenal’s modern history, the club have never been relegated from the Premier League – they have been a mainstay of England’s top flight since the league was formed back in 1992.

Here we’ll be looking back at all the times when Arsenal won the Premier League title, and we’ll also be comparing their record to those of their rivals.

Even at their lowest points, Arsenal have always been in the conversation at the start of the season regarding favourites to win the title – such is the size of the club.

As well as Arsenal’s achievements in the Premier League, we’ll also take a look at all the times they won the First Division title, before the Premier League was created.

How many times have Arsenal won the league?

All in all, when putting their First Division and Premier League title tallies together, Arsenal have won England’s top division 13 times.

Their ten First Division title wins came during the following seasons: 1930–31, 1932–33, 1933–34, 1934–35, 1937–38, 1947–48, 1952–53, 1970–71, 1988–89 and 1990–91.

Their first title victory, in 1931, came under the stewardship of Herbert Chapman, who also won the league with the Gunners in the 1932-33 season.

Their final First Division title win, during the penultimate season of the league’s original format, came during the reign of George Graham – he also guided Arsenal to a league title win in 1988/89.

How many times have Arsenal won the Premier League?

In total, Arsenal have lifted the Premier League title on three occasions. Their title-winning seasons came in 1997-98, 2001-02 and 2003-04.

Their most notable title victory came in 2003/04 – in this campaign, the Gunners went the entire season unbeaten. The team has gone down in the annals of Premier League history and are now known as the ‘Invincibles‘.

Arsenal have not won the Premier League since their move to the Emirates Stadium in 2006. They came very close last season, but were ultimately beaten to the punch by Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

How does Arsenal’s title record compare to their rivals?

Arsenal are one of the most successful teams in the country – however, there are two clubs in England who have won the First Division/Premier League more than they have.

They are Manchester United and Liverpool. United have won the First Division/Premier League 20 times, while Liverpool have finished top of the league on 19 occasions. Liverpool have won the league most recently, having dominated the Premier League in the 2019/20 season.

Next on the list is a tie – Everton and Manchester City have both won the top flight of English football on nine occasions. Everton, however, have yet to win the Premier League, with their last title-winning season coming in 1986/87.

In terms of the Premier League, only three clubs have won it more times than Arsenal: Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United.

Chelsea have won the Premier League five times, Manchester City have won it seven times, while Manchester United have finished top of the league on 13 occasions.

A fact that Arsenal fans still relish in is that their title record dwarfs that of Tottenham Hotspur – the Gunners’ North London Rivals have won the First Division/Premier League on just two occasions.

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