Arsenal Looking To Sign Europe’s Best

Arsenal Looking To Sign Europe’s Best

The Gunners are not only looking to spend big on players that have already made a name for themselves. With such a young starting line-up, Wenger is still looking to bring in some footballers that will grow with the club. Arsenal have one of the lowest age averages in the Premier League but still manage to stay on top. If they will continue following Wenger’s intuition they will surely end the 8 year trophy-less streak and start winning some trophies. After signing their most expensive player in the club’s history, the Gunners are still in search of youngsters that can perform at the highest level possible.

The latest name to find its way to Wenger’s transfer list is Patrick Herrmann. The 22 year old winger who has been with Borussia Monchengladbach since 2009 looks like a nice fit for the Frenchman’s team who already has 4 German internationals settled as part of the starting line-up. It will be a hard offer to refuse for Herrmann who is in definite need of a change of pace.

With the winter transfer period just around the corner, Wenger looks determined to make a move. Even if Arsenal’s main priorities are finding a world class striker and a goalkeeper, it does not mean that no other player can end up at the Emirates.

According to Metro, Arsenal is not the only club looking to sign the 22 year old winger. Barcelona and Liverpool also look interested in the youngsters’ skills. Herrmann is not one of the most well-known players out there even if he has been repeatedly compared to Ribery because of his speed and agility. Rumors say that he is valued at £17million which may seem a lot at first glance. Even so, if you consider Wenger’s last investment and how long it took him to finally bring in an expensive player, it is safe to say the young German is worth it. He will have to face tough competition but he will have amazing perspectives as Arsenal look to become one of Europe’s most feared clubs.

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