Will Maher Eventually Join Arsenal?

Will Maher Eventually Join Arsenal?

The rumors that circulated during the winter transfer period seem to continue as far as Adam Maher’s future goes. AZ Alkmaar’s 19 year old midfielder got the management’s blessing to find a new team but no deal was delivered in time to sign. Arsenal are the ones most likely to land a future signature for the Dutchman with Moroccan roots. The Gunners will be up against City who also revealed their interest during the transfer period. Although the Citizens have the obvious financial advantage, Arsenal is probably the most highly-regarded club in European football when it comes to training and promoting youngsters. City is more of a star player oriented team and a 19 year old would find it hard to acclimatise and make his mark there.

According to the Dutch midfielder, he is sure to leave Alkmaar when the season ends but he does not say anything about joining the Gunners. AZ’s management team led by Gertjan Verbeek said that they are willing to let their prize player leave for whom ever pays £8.5 million and they suggested the best destination for Maher would be London’s Emirates stadium.

The most determined to sign Adam Maher seems to be PSV Eindhoven, which has persisted with their interest in the 19 year old midfielder. They haven’t given up yet and still hope to get his signature for Eredivisie’s next season especially considering the fact that the Dutchman expressed his decision to play in the Netherlands for the next two or three years.

When asked about PSV, Maher expressed his appreciation for the club but also said that he lives in Amsterdam and Ajax would be a better destination for him.

Naturally, Arsenal have not yet issued any kind of statement regarding their interest in AZ’s player. With the transfer period closed there would be no purpose in creating a big fuss. Furthermore it seems there is more talk coming from the Dutch team rather than from the Gunners. Alkmaar’s manager backed up his suggestion that Arsenal should transfer their best midfielder by saying that Van Persie’s development as a Dutch player is the work of Wenger and Maher will be placed in great hands if he decides to play at the Emirates Stadium.

Although nothing is certain, a 19 year old player with his qualities and his experience at such a young age make him the perfect target for Arsenal, especially over the summer transfer period when some players will surely leave the Gunners. Maher already got called twice to play for his national team and is on the verge of closing his best season yet in the Eredivisie.

The Dutchman cannot be sure of his future destination or the man who may be in charge there if he moves and even though he knows Wenger loves to work with young players who have great technique, there is a chance that Wenger may not be Arsenal’s starting coach for the 2013-2014 season. Rumors have it that PSG is very close to pursuing the Frenchman’s signature after Ancelotti has so far failed to instil confidence that he can bring glory to Paris despite the massive investment made in the team by the new owners.

A decision regarding Maher will more than likely be taken at the end of the season and his destination will most likely not be any team from the Netherlands.

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