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Why Arsenal should take the money for top star and run

There comes a time when you have to say that enough is enough and move on. One week fantastic, the next few average, and yet we are constantly told he is a world-class player.

The best players perform week in, week out and it’s something we never see from Mesut Ozil – who continually leaves us short changed with his inconsistent performances.

Apparently Barcelona is set to test the water with a January bid – I say take the money and run.

I would challenge anyone who would suggest that Ozil has been a success during his years at the Emirates. Yes we have seen flashes of brilliance, magical moments; however, can you ever remember a match or standout performance from him since he joined?

There probably has been, but given the large percentage of games have been dross, half-hearted, it has probably got loss from the memory. Therein lies the problem and why I will always feel shortchanged by him when I watch him play.

The one benefit of Mesut Ozil’s arrival at Arsenal and arguably the biggest impact he has had at the football club is that our rigid wage structure was removed – in order for us to sign him from Real Madrid.

It is rather ironic that the reason we lost our best players – like the RVPs of this world – was due to our inability to pay top money therefore they just use to run down their contracts leaving for a pittance and here is the very player who removed this barrier doing exactly the same thing to us now.

So if Barcelona are serious and believe that Ozil represents an alternative to Coutinho then we should seriously consider their millions in the January window or if Manchester United come in with a good offer Arsenal should consider selling even to a rival.

Similarly with Alexis Sanchez why was he not sold in the summer when Manchester City were there with their wallet open and perhaps they should sell him to City in the January window and accept that they will have a major squad rebuild next summer as it was supposed to have happened this past summer!

Like Sanchez, I fail to understand why we are hanging onto players who clearly have no desire to stay at the football club especially when we could have replaced them in the summer.

I mean with the greatest respects to Mesut – he is hardly going to be difficult to replace.

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