Who Really Could Replace Arsene Wenger In The Hot Seat?

Who Really Could Replace Arsene Wenger In The Hot Seat?

It is alright that some fans are suggesting it is time for Arsene Wenger to go but who can really be taken seriously as his replacement? A few managers come to mind but let’s face it the job comes with an enormous amount of analysis and scrutiny from not only all the traditional media outlets but also from the incredible internet following coming from the team with the most extensive online coverage in the world.

Jurgen Klopp, Frank Rijkaard, Jurgen Klinsmann and Jose Mourinho are all possible candidates, but one of the most rumored names out there is that of Everton’s David Moyes. The thing people must think about the most is the fact that Arsenal, unlike many teams out there, have adopted an unique strategy of building their finances rather than the team, and of investing close to zero above whatever transfer profits they’ve made in the recent past.

In my opinion, the strategy is by far a bad one, with the lack of trophies and the continuous string of top quality players departing having caused Arsenal’s huge decline, turning the team which won the Premiership a decade ago to one which has been struggling over the last few years to secure a Top Four spot.

As people would expect, a strategy where a club buys a few excellent players, develops a group of top notch players and sells few of them would certainly be a hugely successful one, and we have living proof of that in Germany where Borussia Dortmund have managed to come back from finishing 9th in the 2006-2007 season to winning the Bundesliga title in the 2010-2011 season, and completing the tough task of retaining the title the next season. The huge difference between the German and the English sides during this period is the fact that while we can only recall Sahin leaving from Dortmund as a big name outgoing transfer, we can think about enough players to create a team which can compete for the league title in the Premiership if we put together the players who have left Arsenal in less than 10 years. (I realise that Kagawa left for Man United but that was this past summer.)

The biggest question which must arise here is whether it’s Arsene Wenger’s fault, or the board’s, because no manager would like seeing his team in the dumps like the Gunners sort of are at the moment, and regardless of how stubborn the Frenchman may be, we would have certainly seen big transfer window movements if he would have had permission to access a big chunk of money, but I am not sure this was the case.

So yes, the likes of Klopp or Moyes may be able to replace Wenger keeping a part of his playing strategy in place, but would they be any more successful if the board kept implementing the same policies? Just think about how much money they managed to cash in from the outgoings of Nasri, Clichy, Fabregas, Van Persie and the others. Will they just agree to release the purse strings and choose to seriously invest in the transfer market? I strongly doubt it, so Wenger leaving might not really change things much, as it is really the financial strategy and transfer dealings that need to change.

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