What’s the News on Arsenal’s Transfer Monreal

What’s the News on Arsenal’s Transfer Monreal

The transfer window has closed and Arsenal managed to sign Malaga’s defender Nacho Monreal. He is an excellent replacement for Kieran Gibbs who is going to be out for about three weeks according to Wenger’s post Liverpool match statements. The match against The Reds forced the gunners to push for a transfer, although Arsene Wenger said getting new players is not mandatory. The 26 year old Spaniard, brought in to reinforce Arsenal’s defensive line, gathered 9 appearances for his national team and 42 matches over the past two years for Malaga. Rumors say that Cazorla played an important role in Monreal’s decision to move to the Emirates Stadium.

The transfer fee remains undisclosed but considering what other transfers Wenger had in mind, it could not have been more than £9 million. Other than the bid for David Villa, the gunners did not express their desire to spend more than £10 million on any player.

Nacho Monreal has been monitored since he played for Osasuna a few years back. It was then when he managed to draw some attention from both important clubs and the U21 National team. He began playing for Spain during the European Championships and then went on to a big team to join Santi Cazorla.

The gunner’s coach said that he is delighted with the fact that such an experienced and technically gifted player decided to join the team, especially considering the lack of alternatives after Gibbs’s injury. Wenger also said that Monreal will speed up Arsenal’s game and increase the offensive power with his excellent crosses and strong headers.

Ignacio Monreal Eraso signed a long term deal, but none of the contract details were revealed. Some fans have already started to ask themselves if he was the right choice for their team considering the fact that the defensive line is pretty thin. Monreal has already been through two major surgical procedures after rupturing his knee ligament and having to deal with a meniscal laceration. Furthermore, he missed a few matches during the beginning of the season because of his back pain. The Premier League is tough and Arsenal is engaged in more than one competition, which can be a problem for the Spaniard who has missed many of Malaga’s Champions League matches.

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