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What REALLY Happens When A Manager Gets Sacked?

What REALLY Happens When A Manager Gets Sacked?

When a manager is sacked the media suggest the club will automatically be able to sign a new boss with some very simple steps.

Tony Attwood discusses below what the real costs are for a club like Arsenal to sign a manager who will make a difference.

As we know from historical data securing a new manager only delivers a significant improvement in the long run around 20% of the time – the odds are hardly in Arsenal’s favour.

Meanwhile the media are busy slamming Freddie Ljungberg for the enormous crime of not wearing a suit when he took charge of his first Arsenal game as manager in the 2-2 draw with Norwich – what is the world coming to?

Does anyone really think that appointing Brendan Rodgers or Carlo Ancelotti would be an inexpensive thing to do? Come on.

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