Wenger’s Transfer List May Need Some Adjustments

Wenger’s Transfer List May Need Some Adjustments

Real Madrid striker, Gonzalo Higuain looked like a sure transfer for Arsenal. Their plan to sign important players should start with the Argentinian coming to Emirates. Even though in recent news, the 25 year old striker apparently gave his approval to move to the UK, Juventus refuse to give up. The Italian side just as the Gunners, are also looking to strengthen their squad. They will probably want to aim a lot higher next year and focus on the Champions League. With that in mind a player such as Higuain may be an important piece that could help the Seria A winners a lot.

Arsenal may encounter some problems if a contract was not yet signed. The fact that Juventus won Serie A last year may be an important factor in the Argentinian’s decision. One of the main reasons the Gunners failed to sign any important players up until now and also lost a few important names is the fact that they lack efficiency trophy wise. They are very close to achieving a 10 year trophy-less record, which is not very appealing for those in need of glory.

It seems like Juventus and Arsenal are targeting the same players. With both teams in need of some fire power, players like Tevez, Higuain or Jovetic, who are eager to change the scenery, are definitely on their list. Out of all three, Real’s striker is the first option because of his age and profile.

In recent declarations Giuseppe Marotta avoided speaking about Juventus’s silent battle with Arsenal. He said that there is no hurry implying that the Gunners have not yet reached an agreement as rumors have it. According to Skysports, the Italian had a very balanced speech and managed to avoid getting to deep into the subject of Higuain’s transfer. If Arsenal fail to sign the Argentinian striker, they will start to run out of options after Villa and Jovetic’s transfers turned out to remain simple rumors.

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