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Wenger Needs To Go Big Again

Wenger Needs To Go Big Again

The numbers are in and it seems that Arsenal are more than capable of signing a proper striker to complement Ozil’s excellent performances. According to the Gunners’ financial reports there are more than enough funds which can allow club management to direct their attention to signing someone just as popular and as talented as the German midfielder who was part of a £42.4 million deal.

After missing out on Higuain, who joined Napoli or on Demba Ba who was banned by Mourinho from joining the Emirates team, the Gunners are waiting for the next transfer window which will open in January 2014. Even though Ozil is probably the biggest transfer Wenger has made in his time spent with Arsenal, fans still hope to see the Frenchman go all in and spend more money on some big names.

Real’s ex-player is an amazing transfer but even so, according to the DailyMail, the gunners seem in desperate need of someone that can shine in front of goal. None of Arsenal’s current strikers except Giroud and Bendtner have the qualities of a purebred forward. With that in mind, if Giroud were to get injured plus the fact that Bendtner has failed to impress even if he has been around for some time now, Wenger will surely consider bringing in someone new.

Arsenal are really looking to break their trophy-less streak and all the pressure is on Wenger’s shoulders. Even if he managed to sign Ozil, he still received some negative feedback from the fans when he brought in Flamini. Things changed a bit after they saw how dedicated and efficient Arsenal’s repatriated midfielder was against Stoke. The main concern with Wenger is that he might not want to sign players that come with a big transfer fee again.

Hopefully a big name is already on top of Wenger’s list and therefore he will sign that striker to use from January 2014 onwards as the Gunners look to win the League.

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