Wenger Looking Relaxed Before Monday’s Clash Against Villa

Wenger Looking Relaxed Before Monday’s Clash Against Villa

Despite having a lot of trouble finding the right solutions when it comes to Arsenal’s attacking line, Wenger was relaxed and even made a couple of jokes on the matter at hand. It was surprising to see the Frenchman in such a good mood especially compared to the way he behaved at points last season.

According to Metro, Arsenal’s manager was unexpectedly calm and even had the strength to laugh despite the fact that the Gunners just missed out on one of their main targets. Alvaro Morata who looked like a done deal was just notified by Ancelotti that he will not be moving to North London as was expected widely in the media.

During his last press conference, the Frenchman denied coming in contact with Real and joked Bale could come to the Emirates on loan. It was an unexpected reaction from Wenger who gave fans the impression he forgot how to laugh after a rough 2012-2013 season.

Even though Bale would be a great addition to the team, Arsenal are better off finding a new striker to make the most out of Ozil, Wilshere and Ramsey’s assists.

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