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Wenger Furious With Arsenal’s Result Against Liverpool & Expects Strong Response

Wenger Furious With Arsenal’s Result Against Liverpool & Expects Strong Response

According to The Guardian, Wenger characterized the team as naïve and feeble after what Arteta called a “car crash” of a game. It was Arsenal’s worst loss against Liverpool in 50 years that made the Frenchman angrier than he ever was before after a game apparently.

Arsenal lost first place and are now one point behind Chelsea. Losing their advantage is not the thing to worry about the most. Their performance was incredibly weak and reminded fans of the game against City. The first half of the game was a disaster from all points of view. The defense was almost nonexistent and the offense only managed a single attempt on goal which was not on target.

Most people expected Wenger to criticize Ozil after the German international looked totally out of focus throughout the 60 minutes in which he performed. It was not the case, as the Frenchman was clearly disappointed with the entire team not with only a single player no matter how expensive he was to sign.

Wenger who is one of the calmest managers in Premier League football was clearly irritated by his team’s performance and reminded his players there is no way they can win any trophies with this kind of attitude. He also pointed out that this is not the first time they lacked concentration, strength and determination, clearly hinting to the 6-3 defeat suffered against City back in December.

Arsenal’s manager urged his players to prove to fans, losing to Liverpool in such a manner was a one-time aberration. Hopefully they will react as a successful team does and get over their defeat by winning the next three matches against Manchester United, Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

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