Wenger Demands Intensive Drug Testing

Wenger Demands Intensive Drug Testing

In recent statements Wenger said that he is very fond of the idea of periodic blood testing for all teams not just the ones from the Premier League. His declarations come as a reaction to recent events that resulted in several cases against Real Sociedad’s former doctor Eufemiano Fuentes. He and his players, who were active a decade ago, allegedly took part in illegal activities that included taking performance enhancing drugs. The world of sport has come across several investigative reports recently that are not restricted to football alone and the climate is one of very serious anti-doping initiatives that involve constant drug testing just as Arsenal’s coach requests.

Wenger said that current urine tests performed today are not enough to discover if players are using banned substances. The Frenchman insists on forcing footballers to provide blood samples also in order to make sure any illegal actions are not possible. He even referred to the World Cup by saying that out of all the players, it is statistically impossible not to find any issue whatsoever. Arsenal’s coach also indicated that blood samples are a lot easier and faster to analyze and that the results are a lot more accurate. This could even eliminate doubt and extra trials that eventually go to The Court of Arbitration for Sport and take a lot to resolve.

The first issue that comes to mind is of an ethical nature because UEFA cannot impose such regulations knowing that many clubs and teams will not comply. Wenger expressed another idea that referred to the fact that the current Fuentes trial is not only a way to simply find if the defendants are guilty but it is a way to find out how they managed to pull it off. There is talk about pockets of blood and other gimmicks but no one directs their attention towards the ones that participated in this affair besides Sociedad’s doctor.

This week the football world received yet another blow on which Wenger commented in recent statements. Several teams are accused of being involved in fixed matches and some English teams could be part of this affair. The Frenchman was surprised to find out how many matches are considered suspected of unfair play and even more surprised to hear that a Liverpool Champions League tie may be part of such events.

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