Walcott’s World Cup Hopes Stay Intact

Walcott’s World Cup Hopes Stay Intact

Some good news might finally come Walcott’s way. The Gunner who was diagnosed with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, could make it to Brazil if all things go well. According to the Daily Mail, Scottish surgeon, Gordon Mackay insisted he can get the English international fit and ready in just 12 weeks.

This does not do much good for Arsenal who still need a replacement but it sure could boost Walcott’s morale for the months to come. Mackay who has yet to contact the North London club, explained his innovative technique and indicated towards the fact that he will be more than willing to help with the Gunner’s recovery.

The 24 year old forward is set to undergo important medical procedures during the next two weeks according to the club. With the World Cup starting on the 12th of June there are few chances for him to make it to Brazil if you consider the 6 month period usually needed for recovering after ligament damage.

Even if Mackay manages to work wonders and speed up Walcott’s return, there is still little chance for him to actually be part of England’s squad mostly because he will be inactive for the next four months.

This would be Walcott’s second consecutive World Cup absence after being left behind in 2010 by Capello who admitted making a wrong decision not to include Arsenal’s player in the 23 man squad.

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