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Walcott Desperate For A Trophy

In recent times, many of Arsenal’s top players have left the Emirates in search of glory and most people blame Wenger for losing them to more extravagant clubs.

In recent comments, one of Arsenal’s most important players, Theo Walcott admitted that the situation is acute and he would gladly give up all of his personal achievements in favor of some much needed trophies for his team. The 24 year old has become one of the Gunners’ most experienced footballers in the current squad after reaching his 250th appearance earlier this year. He is currently having the best season of his career managing 18 goals in 36 matches.

It is quite frustrating for a footballer of his level to see that even while giving his best, the team continues to fail to succeed. Their last major trophy was the FA Cup won against Manchester United in 2005. Walcott transferred from Southampton in 2006 and he has been with Arsenal constantly since then, having never been sent out on loan. His dedication for the club is what prevented him from leaving. Also the fact that he is still young is a definite factor that has helped him sit through the Gunners’ trophy-less streak without looking for a transfer.

Walcott also said that the fans are very important and that he chose to stay for both them and the team. When talking about his future, the English international said he hopes that he reaches his 300th appearance for Arsenal, but that he most of all hopes that his accomplishments will include a major trophy won by the entire team. Even with this long and frustrating period the Gunners are going through, it looks like Walcott is dedicated to winning his first significant competition while wearing the red and white of the Gunners.

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