Van Persie’s Return Should Prove Interesting

Van Persie’s Return Should Prove Interesting

Arsenal are to face Manchester United on Sunday in a clash that could decide the Gunners’ future for next season. If they manage to win they will still have a great chance to get a spot in the Champions League group stages, which is the only goal they have left. Their confrontation with the Red Devil is going to be a complicated affair and not only because of Arsenal’s place in the Premier League standings. Van Persie will return to Emirates for the first time since moving to Old Trafford. The Dutchman managed to win his first trophy in the first season of his transfer, which was kind of the entire point of him signing with United. He explained that even though he loved the North London team his frustration that came with his lack of success was keeping him back from making the most out of his abilities.

Nacho Monreal recently spoke about Arsenal’s Sunday match and according to London Evening Standard, he said that it should not be all about Van Persie’s return. The Gunners’ fans declared that they will turn their backs on the Dutchman in order to express their disappointment with his departure.

Wenger’s current defender made a good point when saying that fans should be more focused on how their team will perform. Arsenal is only 4 fixtures away from qualifying for the Champions League and any mistake could cost them their spot in the most important inter-club competition in Europe.

Monreal encouraged the fans to forget about their conflict with Arsenal’s former captain and focus on helping their team win against one of the strongest teams in Premier League history. With Giroud serving a three match suspension, Fabianski out with a rib injury and Vermaelen pretty much out of favour, the Gunners will have a tough time winning even if United will probably not put so much effort in the 4 fixtures that are left until the end of the season. Ferguson has not yet announced what the team will look like for the match against Arsenal, but chances are Van Persie will not be rested after an amazing season as Ferguson has promised to field a strong team.

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