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To Win Title Over Man City, Liverpool, Man United, Chelsea, Mertesacker Says Arsenal Need Reinforcements

To Win Title Over Man City, Liverpool, Man United, Chelsea, Mertesacker Says Arsenal Need Reinforcements

January will surely come with some important transfers especially in the Premier League top 5 where the battle is tighter than ever. Arsenal seem to have slightly lost their edge over the past weeks and some reinforcements look mandatory. According to Metro, Gooners are not the only ones who think that. Mertesacker who is next to Szczesny as one of the Gunners’ most reliable and constant players this season, insists Wenger needs to fill some gaps that are starting to appear with time.

Even since the beginning of the season it was obvious Arsenal have a strong squad but lack options if something were to happen to those who make up the first eleven. Fatigue is also an important aspect that needs to be considered. Wenger has few solutions if he wants to rest one of his star players. Both the defense and the offensive line have the same problem which means at least two transfers should be finalized this winter.

Mertesacker also referred to the fact that a consistent and deep squad is a must for Premier League teams who are known for being part of the toughest championship in the world. Injuries are inevitable and can make or break a team depending on their ability to fill in the inevitable voids. Arsenal players often seem to have been somewhat fragile in previous seasons which may have cost the Gunners possible trophies. I don’t think that is necessarily the case this season but having just gone through the busy festive season and with Ozil, Giroud, Ramsey and Walcott all on the treatment table it is a definite worry.

In order to end the trophy drought and compete with teams like Chelsea and City, Wenger should sign some new faces to inject life, vigour and depth and to improve the team morale- a few new quality faces would make such a difference to the spirit in the camp and would be a signal of intent most importantly to the players but also to other clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea. Arsenal already have seen their lead shrink from 6 points to a mere point despite being several months away from reaching the final fixtures of the season and some new names might just keep them on top at least as far as the Premier League goes.

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