This deal is surely a no-brainer for the Arsenal board?

This deal is surely a no-brainer for the Arsenal board?

Mustafi made his feelings known to the Sky cameras when the question came up about Jack Wilshere being back to his best after the Crystal Palace game.

In the German’s eyes it is becoming a bit of a scratched record with talk of his form; however, it must be said that you can’t blame reporters for bringing this up – especially as of today the player can now open talks about a transfer move on a Bosman free this summer.

Quite how Arsenal get themselves in this state with contracts is beyond me, with both Ozil and Sanchez also able to discuss transfer options for the remainder of the month.

The one big difference is that Wilshere is the one player who would run through a brick wall for this football club – something you will never get from the other two players in question.

Wilshere has gone on record many times to say he doesn’t want to leave the club – yet we still haven’t presented him with a new deal. It is an absolute nonsense to be fair and we are playing a real dangerous game given the return to form from the player.

Whilst the club will cite his injury record as a reason for the delay in committing to a new deal, I ask the question as to whether the risk really outweighs the potential reward?

We have arguably England’s best playmaker within our ranks, who looks twice the size he once did obviously as a result of an intense fitness regime and who is desperate to stay at the club and we are leaving ourselves open for him to be poached – as the player looks to secure a deal that will safeguard him and his family’s future.

Is it not a gamble worth taking, especially knowing how much we would need to spend to bring in a player of his quality? I am at a loss to understand the reasons; however, given Gazidis’ past performance at the football club – I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at this shortsightedness, I mean he wouldn’t be the first player to be in a position to wind down his contract under Ivan’s tenure.

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