The story of Arsenal’s supposed injury crisis

The story of Arsenal’s supposed injury crisis

It was a story that ran for well over five years in the media – Arsenal get more injuries than any other club and it was all Wenger’s fault.

There were even two journalists who based a lot of their writing career on the tale. One of course was Stewart Robson, the ex-Arsenal player and Wenger hater in chief and the other was Raymond Verheijen the highly eccentric former Wales fitness coach.

Neither man was a credible witness since both had a strong anti-Wenger agenda and were always short on evidence, and regular analyses by Untold Arsenal showed that although above average, Arsenal were never top of the league when it came to injuries. Whether measuring players out injured, or days lost through injuries Arsenal were fairly mid-range.

Now to confirm that it was all a fantasy, the man in charge of the medical condition of Arsenal players for the past 10 years – the chief medical officer of the club – has been poached by Liverpool as Tony Attwood explains in the video above.

Is that a likely scenario if Arsenal really had had the worst record for injuries?

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