Song Hoping To Find His Way Back To The Emirates

Song Hoping To Find His Way Back To The Emirates

It is rumoured that Arsenal may bring back one of their former players during this summer’s transfer period. In recent reports it looks like Song is quite unhappy with his new team and with the way things are unfolding. According to his brother, Barcelona’s midfielder hates life in Spain and will gladly return to the Emirates if the opportunity should present itself.

According to Metro, Rigobert Song said that his brother is disappointed with the fact that he has managed only 15 appearances during this season. He has been limited to the bench for the most part and has rarely played an important part in his team’s success. Some wonder though, why Arsenal’s former player did not think ahead when moving to Spain. Barcelona already had a strong midfield structure and inserting himself amongst players such as Bousquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas or even Thiago was always going to be tough.

The 25 year old will possibly return to Arsenal, considering his excellent previous spell with the Gunners. Song was one of the Arsenal’s most important players and losing him was a big hit for the team. Song also had an excellent relationship with Wenger, who helped him grow as a player. Song’s disappointment is even bigger given the fact that he insisted on going to Barcelona. There were many other offers that even paid a lot more, but he was set on leaving to Spain.

Song was sold for a £17million fee, but it is not clear how things are going to go in the summer. Man City are rumnoured to be interested in signing him but it is hard to imagine that Song will go to another team where he will have the same problems as he does in Barca.

Wenger will have the necessary funds to buy Song back and as we know Arsenal are looking to invest into some new players to strengthen their squad. Barca fans are not very pleased with Song’s performances this season, which may also contribute to his return to the Emirates. He was voted “flop of the season” by a local Catalan newspaper. We shall see whether he does return to the Gunners or not…

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