Since When Should Arsenal Be Content With Nil-Nil Score?

Since When Should Arsenal Be Content With Nil-Nil Score?

Arsenal’s manager, Arsene Wenger has had a tough couple of seasons on Emirates Stadium. His transfer policy and the fact that he was unwilling to bid for expensive players has had fans complaining for quite some time. Arsenal have not won an important trophy in a very long time and although the team is very stable financially speaking something is missing. In recent events Wenger expressed his discontent with the fact that the media and the fans are constantly criticising him and his strategies. The most recent episode to prompt him to speak out in the media is Arsenal’s failed attempt to progress in the FA Cup. Both sport reporters and fans criticized the Gunner’s defeat against Blackburn who were not considered a dangerous adversary for Wenger’s team even with them preparing for this week’s clash against Bayern Munich.

The French coach explained that due to his not so deep squad of players he felt the need to rest key players such as Cazorla, Walcott and Wilshere who have had some intense weeks because of international clashes and because of being involved in many major competitions. His explanation was perceived as a lack of respect to the oldest knock-out football competition in the world, which is the FA Cup.

Arsenal did not manage to go past Blackburn’s defense and the offense generally performed poorly. It was obvious that Wenger was not happy with that especially when he furiously responded to reporters by saying that he is the only Arsenal manager to win the FA Cup 4 times up until now and that saying he does not respect this competition is just nonsense. He also said that people who state his team is not strong enough should keep in mind that against Blackburn there were 11 internationals on the pitch and that it is disrespectful to characterize them as weak.

After clearing up a few delicate subjects, Wenger also spoke about his match against Bayern and said a nil-nil result is not a disaster for the Emirates team as long as they manage to score an away goal during the next clash against the German side. He is confident that his offensive line will be able to brake Guardiola’s future team and that the chances to advance to the next round of the Champions League are 50:50.

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