Should Walcott Start Up Front For England Against Brazil?

Should Walcott Start Up Front For England Against Brazil?

Theo Walcott is finally living up to expectations. He is currently having the best season of his life and Arsenal are counting on his excellent form continuing. He has managed to score 18 goals in 29 matches this season and he’s not looking to let anyone stop him. At only 23 years of age, Arsenal’s forward has been one of Wenger’s favorite players for quite a while. The only thing that has stopped him from being more efficient is his bad run of injuries that’s kept him off the pitch for several months at a time. This year the Englishman seems not only fitter and deadlier in front of goal, but tougher too. He’s a little bit more aggressive and looks stronger with each match. You can even see some changes in his attitude as observed by the press from his post match declarations. After defeating Stoke, Walcott joked he enjoyed getting whacked around during the match.

As far as the national team goes, Arsenal’s player is determined to finally become a regular in Hodgson’s starting line-up. According to recent statements, Walcott knows he is in the best form of his life and is eager to show England what he is really capable of when playing for his national team. His game has improved and he looks more mature. He is definitely ready to become a regular in Roy Hodgson’s team and he is most likely to restart his national team match starting streak on Wednesday against Brazil.

After having missed England’s last matches, Walcott is ready to prove his qualities against one of the best teams in the world. Wenger said that he is already an established member of Arsenal’s starting line-up and that the next natural step is to become an important player for his national team.

Walcott is very determined to get a spot in England’s starting line-up. He declared that he is going to do all he can to make Roy Hodgson select him on the pitch next to all the great players the Three Lions have to offer.

With Defoe and Sturridge dropping out of the national team, Arsenal’s striker has an excellent chance to leave his mark on the game. In training, Rooney was most often paired with England’s player of the year runner up, Danny Welbeck but also got some time with Walcott. The two usually play in different positions but Hodgson’s on pitch formation does not allow either youngsters to perform like they do for their club teams.

Walcott also talked about his good on pitch relationship with Rooney and said that they complete each other’s game very well. Arsenal’s player said that Manchester’s striker is special and he also said that he is faster off the mark suggesting that such a combination could be deadly for any team, even against Brazil. Walcott also said that he is more efficient being played more down the middle than his usual winger placement. With Rooney as a striker and Walcott helping him from a few yards back, England’s fire power looks pretty amazing for the next run of games.

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