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Schalke Trying To Delay The Inevitable?

Schalke Trying To Delay The Inevitable?

With Arsenal missing out on Draxler in the January transfer window, it is widely expected that Arsene Wenger will return for him in the summer with a big money bid. However, things were made a bit more difficult for the Gunners after news broke out that there is strong interest from Schalke’s domestic rivals, German juggernauts Bayern Munich.

It was being reported that the UEFA Champions League winners see the 20-year old as a useful addition to the squad, and that they have made their interest in his services known. The arrival of Bayern on the scene just makes Arsenal’s task all the more difficult, but what’s making it worse for them to get their prime target is the fact that Schalke now believe that it would be ideal for Draxler to stay put at the club and rather move on after a season or two.

According to Metro, club chairman Clemens Tonnies was quoted as saying, “It would do Draxler good to spend another year or two with us,”

“But we know we’re not going to be able to keep a super-talented player like Julian at Schalke forever. If another club comes in for him, then we cannot block them. That would be unfair, but I think he will stay for a while yet.”

With Schalke making their wish of retaining him clear, do you think that this will influence Draxler’s final decision or has he made his mind up already?

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