Possible Arsenal Target Di Maria Explains ‘Obscene’ Gesture

Possible Arsenal Target Di Maria Explains ‘Obscene’ Gesture

Argentine forward, Angel Di Maria featured for Real Madrid against Celta on Monday. He was withdrawn with half an hour remaining, and while he was coming off, he was caught apparently grasping his crotch as a response to the chorus of boos he was met with by the Madrid fans. That story then escalated quickly, in the wake of his possible exit from the club.

Di Maria has had to intervene and play down his gesture as he feels that his actions were blown out of proportion by the media. Metro report him as saying, “It wasn’t for anyone. I adjusted myself and kept running,”

“I’ve never had problems with the fans. I could feel that half were applauding and half booing.”

He however made his feelings known about the level of scrutiny on him at the club. He continued saying, “I went out totally naturally. They always expect me to do something. I always have to clarify what I do. With everyone else nothing happens and with me it’s always a complete mess.”

“I fight every day for a place at Real Madrid and it makes me angry that things are always being invented about me. But I am calm because I know it was nothing.”

He has gotten on the wrong side of the Madrid faithful, and this is not the first time. The January transfer window is open, and his primary suitors, Arsenal are in a desperate need for a winger. Could this lead to some interesting development in the coming weeks?

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