Munich Clash Catches Arsenal Full Of Injuries

Munich Clash Catches Arsenal Full Of Injuries

It seems like Nacho Monreal’s transfer will not be enough to keep Arsenal’s defense performing as it should. In a recent series of events, the Gunners lost three of their most important defenders and have problems finding solutions. Wenger has a lot to deal with considering Kieran Gibbs, Thomas Vermaelen and Laurent Koscielny are all out with different types of medical problems. Add the fact that Santos just signed a deal with Gremio and will be leaving Arsenal and you get a really tricky situation that may cost the gunners quite a lot.

Arsenal are going down a really slippery slope especially with the Champions League underway. Most of the players are obliged to play at least 2 matches every three days or so, and that is quite the challenge even for professional footballers such as the ones playing for Arsenal. The Gunners are set to go against Bayern Munich and many of Wenger’s players are uncertain.

Thomas Vermaelen will probably have to undergo surgery during the summer. For now he is obliged to use anti-inflammatory injection treatment, but his ankle is acting up and he will eventually have to solve this issue permanently. Arsenal’s defender missed the Sunderland game and practiced separately from his teammates. He has a little more than one week to get in shape for what is probably the Gunners’ most important match of the month. A good result against German side, Bayern, would be an enormous step towards finally winning the European Trophy.

Kieran Gibbs will not be able to face the Germans in either of the two confrontations and Koscielny is still dealing with his injury. Carl Jenkinson is also unavailable after the match that took place on the Stadium of Light. The player received a red card and will probably be suspended for the next match.

Arsenal’s current defensive line will be composed from Sagna, Monreal, Mertesacker and Squillaci. These are the only 4 defenders who are available from a list of 8. Out of these 4, the first has had several misunderstandings with the club regarding his future on Emirates Stadium and is probably going to leave the Gunners at the end of the season, the second just arrived and has no right to play against Bayern because he already played for Malaga in the Champions League, the third has not had a very good season and the fourth has been Wenger’s last choice on various occasions.

Fans are really angry with Wenger and blame him for the fact that he made a single transfer during the winter period, knowing that the team suffered as far as substitutes go. Even the Spanish left back who was the only signed footballer for this specific transfer period, came in as a last minute solution to replace Gibbs, who is out for a couple of weeks or even months.

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