Move From Chelsea To Arsenal Makes Sense?

Move From Chelsea To Arsenal Makes Sense?

Fernando Torres could be on the move in London from Stamford Bridge to the Emirates Stadium. Several sources have stated that new Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho is interested in selling current Blues players even if that means to other Premier League teams. On top of that, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is keen on making a big splash in the transfer market this summer with a commitment to bringing the Gunners back to the top of the summit of the Premier League – a place they haven’t been since 2005.

Since that time the team has seen many of their big name stars depart for other clubs. According to Blues insiders, Mourinho considers only five of his new players as locks to be starters for next season and Fernando Torres is not included in that five, which is why transferring El Niño makes plenty of sense.

Since his switch to Chelsea from Liverpool in 2011, Torres’ numbers have dropped and it’s been clear to most that his attitude and passion towards the game is not the same as it was with Liverpool. However, he appeared to regain his form in the FIFA Confederations Cup these past few weeks. Torres scored eight goals in the tournament and won the Golden Boot award in a championship loss to Brazil this past weekend.

It may be tough for some Chelsea fans to hear, but potentially the best option for both sides is to get Torres and his large contract off their books.

It’s clear that Arsenal are in the market this summer to make several purchases, adding a player like Torres would be a huge upgrade up front and would instantly make them a much tougher contender entering the season, which begins in a little over a month.

If the Gunners were somehow able to acquire Torres as well as Read Madrid star Gonzalo Higuain, it would be nearly impossible not to call the team one of the challengers, not only in the Premier League, but also the UEFA Champions League as well.

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