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More Suitors Emerging For Suarez Apparently

More Suitors Emerging For Suarez Apparently

So even though Arsenal’s bid for Luis Suarez was admirable and may have given fans reasons to be optimistic, it is a long way short of actually making a deal happen and that is assuming that Suarez could negotiate personal terms with Arsenal and that the Uruguayan striker would like to live and play in North London.

It seems that along with the confirmed interest of both Arsenal and Chelsea FC, Sky Sports News are tonight reporting on their hourly updates that Suarez himself has revealed tonight whilst doing a radio interview with a Uruguayan radio station that there are 3 other serious suitors for his services and he revealed he really wants to be playing Champions League football at this stage in his career.

It is hard to know exactly who these suitors are but we can take an educated guess at two of the teams being Real Madrid and Manchester City. Suarez previously stated, when he was talking about how hard he is finding the media scrutiny in England and he would like to move away from Liverpool, that he would find it very hard to turn down Real Madrid if they come calling for his services.

I think Suarez does want to leave Liverpool and Champions League football is sadly the excuse he can use to engineer the move for himself as Liverpool cannot offer Champions League football for at least another season and possibly two more seasons.

Ideally, Wenger will significantly increase the money he is offering Liverpool to secure the transfer of the Uruguayan striker and then Suarez gets to realize his Champions League ambitions with the Gunners! If he does join the Gunners lets hope Suarez leaves his theatrics and irrational tendencies on Merseyside and simply brings his sumptous and sublime football talents with him.

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