Money Well Spent

Money Well Spent

Wenger made the perfect decision when deciding to spend big on Ozil. The former Real Madrid player is a perfect fit for Arsenal’s playing style and has already managed several good performances that helped his team take the lead in the Champions League group and in the Premier League standings. The Gunners finally have a smile on their faces when they think of the Frenchman’s transfers. For years, Wenger has been criticized for being interested in keeping the owners happy instead of investing in some world class players.

The impact Ozil has had on the Gunners is obvious and worth mentioning more and more. According to Metro, Wenger recently underlined how important a player such as Ozil can be, especially against teams like Napoli. Arsenal defeated the Italian side after the German midfielder managed a goal and an assist practically winning the match on his own for the Emirates team.

The £42.4 million spent on Ozil is clearly money well spent and the German international is not even fully prepared yet but has already become a team regular. His excellent assists and his offensive style comes hand in hand with Giroud’s new found form and with Wilshere’s consistency. The team is amazing and no one can deny the fact that Wenger’s transfer is what made the difference.

Wenger also mentioned the fact that Arsenal have managed one of their best halves in quite some time. Their performance against Napoli was very pleasing on the eye and combined some amazing passing skills with a confidence that looked long gone over the past years.

Arsenal may have finally caught a break. Their lack of trophies was one of the main reasons for which players like Ozil had to think twice before coming to London. If things stay the same and if the Gunners manage to improve on their game, some big names may end up at the Emirates during the winter transfer period. It would offer Wenger a big opportunity to end his 8 year losing streak that has been a real issue with the fans. Even if the Frenchman has been with the club longer than everyone and has won more trophies than any other Arsenal manager, people think it is time to bring home the glory again.

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