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Liverpool Detail Why They Rejected Arsenal’s Suarez Bid

The Uruguayan has been talked about at length in recent weeks following Arsenal’s interest developing in him over the past week. He has publicly spoken about his intentions to quit Anfield before the new season starts in order to pursue his ambition of competing in the UEFA Champions League, something which Liverpool cannot provide him next season.

Arsenal have been monitoring his situation at Liverpool and made a timely bid of £30 million for him a few days ago which was however turned down by the Reds immediately, as they made it clear that it will take an offer in the region of £40 million to just bring them to the negotiation table.

Liverpool’s managing director Ayre confirmed Liverpool’s rejection of Arsenal’s opening bid as he spoke to the local press and was quoted by Metro as saying, “We had an offer which is fairly public from Arsenal. We said no to that offer, and as far as we’re concerned he turns up for training when he’s due back. And we’ll move forward on that basis.”

He continued speaking about the task in his hands, which is to convince him that staying at Liverpool is perhaps the best choice for him and to make sure that he keeps hold of Suarez, at least for the upcoming season. He said, “Right now we’d love to see Luis put on a Liverpool shirt for this season and beyond and we hope that once he gets back things will settle down.”

“This is an ambitious young player, he’s talked in the media about wanting to play in the Champions League and all these things. It’s our job to convince Luis that this is the right place to achieve those things.”

With Ayre’s comments having a desperate tone, Liverpool’s wish to keep hold of Suarez is understandable if they are to get into that top 4 once again. However, whether Suarez can be convinced to help the Merseysiders attain that goal, is a different ball game altogether.

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