‘You Just Need To Support The Guy’ Arsenal Legend Urges Gunners Fans To Get Behind Newly-Signed Star

‘You Just Need To Support The Guy’ Arsenal Legend Urges Gunners Fans To Get Behind Newly-Signed Star

Arsenal icon Nigel Winterburn has encouraged Arsenal fans to be patient with recently-signed superstar Kai Havertz in a recent interview.

While he acknowledges that Havertz has not been massively impressive in a Gunners shirt thus far, he feels it is only a matter of time before he begins to settle in.

Winterburn played for Arsenal from 1987 to 2000 – during that time, he made 440 Premier League appearances for the Gunners, scoring eight goals.

What did Nigel Winterburn say regarding Kai Havertz?

Speaking to the Daily Star, Winterburn said: “Every player, no matter the price tag, needs a settling in period. You can flip that around to Declan Rice who has fitted in straight away, but players usually need time to get used to new team-mates and a new style of play.

“There’s no doubt he’ll be a big part of the team and a big part of Arsenal’s success. You just need to support the guy and give him that belief.

“[Arsenal] have started well this season. The supporters are on board with what Arteta’s doing. The atmosphere inside the stadium is really good. That will be important going forward. You know what it’s like – a player has a bad run and becomes a bit of a scapegoat.

“But the fact that [Arsenal’s] form is so good and the mood is so good it’ll give Havertz a bit more time to get things right and get up to speed. I’ve no doubt that will happen. It’s just been a bit of a slow start. Getting some goals will turn things around for him very quickly.

“A lot of people are [asking], ‘What goal return will we get from him? What’s he adding to the team?’ Listen, I’m always a little bit more reserved. I don’t want to start judging people straight away.

“There is nothing worse than when you join a club and you hear one or two mumblings inside the stadium. Social media is always going to say, ‘Why have you bought him?’ He’s struggled a little, but he’s here, he cost a lot of money, and I’m hoping he does a fantastic job, so let’s make that judgement at the end of the season.”

Will Kai Havertz be a success at Arsenal?

At this point, it is difficult to say. Havertz has certainly had a slow start to life at Arsenal, but it seems likely that his natural quality will eventually shine through.

Many fans underestimate just how good Kai Havertz is – just over a couple of years ago, he scored the winning goal in a Champions League final while playing for Chelsea.

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