Is Wenger Finally Ready To Splash Some Big Cash?

Is Wenger Finally Ready To Splash Some Big Cash?

More and more rumors see Arsenal as the most active team on the summer transfer market. According to sources within the club, Wenger has finally decided to invest massive amounts of money into bringing in some world class players.

According to recent news, Arsenal have more than £70 million to invest in top quality players. The latest pieces of information say that Wenger is targeting not just one but three young talents who all come from the Bundesliga. If the Frenchman decides to start spending, it will probably be a historic moment for the Gunners as far as transfers go.

Apparently there are three important names on Arsenal’s list. On top of that list we find German international and Borussia Dortmund superstar Mario Gotze, who is closely followed by his team mate Robert Lewandowski, who is looking to move to a more competitive championship. Last but not least, the Gunners seem to have also targeted Leverkusen’s Lars Bender.

Wenger’s team will have a hard time getting these three signatures especially if they are not in the Champions League. Other teams that have expressed interest for those same players and not only have massive budgets but also have the advantage of being able to show off with their achievements over the past years. This is currently Arsenal’s biggest problem. Their lack of achievement lately seems to drive players away making it very hard to bring in top class footballers.

Missing out on Robert Lewandowski, in particular, would be terrible as he is a deadly marksman and would be such a great addition to the Gunners’ attack. We will see…

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