Is Sagna Going To Follow Nasri, RVP and The Others?

Is Sagna Going To Follow Nasri, RVP and The Others?

Although rumors suggest that Sagna is going to receive a one year contract extension, it seems like things are a little different. The relations between the French right back and Wenger have gone cold of late and Arsenal’s coach is looking for a replacement if rumours are to be believed. Sagna has had a good couple of months playing for the Gunners since coming back after an injury and even expressed his dedication towards his club when asked about a possible transfer to PSG. He still has 18 months left of contract but will probably not receive a new deal.

The French right back refused to add another 12 months to his current contract that would not include any wage changes whatsoever. He was to earn just as much as he does now but apparently Sagna wanted an increase to his £240,000 a month salary which was not granted by the Gunners’ managerial team. Wenger has received heavy criticism from the fans during the past year because of his unwillingness to make an effort in order to keep some key players on Emirates Stadium.

According to inside sources, Arsenal is not willing to prolong the French defenders’ contract because he is already one of the oldest players in the team. His predisposition to injury along with several fractures and ligament injuries is another important factor in deciding Sagna’s future. The Gunners’ bosses already have a player deficit according to many fans and are not willing to invest that much in a player that is not highly likely to be available for every game.

Just over the past year Sagna suffered two major injuries. He broke his leg twice and has missed a big part of summer training and a few matches at the start of the Premier League because he complained about knee problems.

Wenger is not looking for someone to keep on the side until Sagna’s contract expires. He will probably want a player to get go directly into the first team and keep the French right back as an alternative until his contract ends.

Sagna issued a statement just after he received his offer from Arsenal in which he stated that he feels disrespected after all the years he has spent playing for the Gunners and that he will probably head towards a different direction as soon as the Premier League season ends. He said that the fact that he passed on going to teams like Real and Man City should have meant much more to Arsenal and that he felt disappointed when he saw the Gunners’ offer.

That said, it appears like Wenger has started requesting several player profiles from his scouts. He managed to sign Spanish international Nacho Monreal during the winter transfer window but the player performs at maximum capacity as a left back and will not be used just to replace Sagna. Carl Jenkinson is also a solution but apparently he is going to face new competition for a place in the starting line-up.

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