Guide on how to get tickets for the Arsenal – Updated For The 2019-20 Season

Guide on how to get tickets for the Arsenal – Updated For The 2019-20 Season

This guide has been updated July 26, 2019 and Supersedes Any Previous Articles On How To Get Arsenal Tickets. This article was written by our long time contributor Tony Attwood: Arsenal season ticket holder and publisher of the most excellent blog Untold Arsenal.

There has long been a story going around that it is impossible to get tickets to watch matches at the Emirates Stadium, home of the Arsenal but this simply is not the case as you can read below in our latest guide to getting tickets to watch the Gunners.

And if that is what you have heard, and if that is what you are thinking, then you might be surprised to learn that some of the Arsenal supporters’ clubs are currently expressing concern about the number of empty seats in the stadium for many games.

So to resolve this apparent contradiction here is the review of how to get tickets at Arsenal, for the 2019/20 season.

First choose your match

Many games at the Emirates Stadium do not sell out, so you really do need to consider whether you just want to go to Arsenal to see a game in general, or whether you very much want to see a specific match. If you don’t mind too much which game you see, then getting a ticket is fairly easy.

The easiest matches to get tickets to are:
• League Cup matches
• FA Cup matches excluding games against other clubs in the top six
• European games during the group stages (ie those played in the first half of the season).

You don’t have to be a member of Arsenal to get a ticket for these games – you can go on line to and once the period of selling the tickets to members only is over, you can then buy a ticket on the club’s website.

Second, consider membership

There are various grades of membership of Arsenal for supporters, commonly known as Red, Silver and Gold. For each of these you pay an annual fee.

At present the only membership that can be bought immediately is Red – for the others there is a waiting list. Silver memberships are only available to red members who have been members for a set amount of time. Season tickets (gold membership) has a waiting list – which of course you can apply to go on.

Gold members have season tickets meaning their ticket is guaranteed for each game. However if they can’t go to a game their ticket/s can be sold to other members via the Ticket Exchange on the club’s web site. This means that if you keep an eye out you can even get a ticket for high-demand matches such as Arsenal v Tottenham in this way.

Ticket Exchange is at but do remember you have to be a Red Member in order to participate and buy tickets in this way. Details of membership are at

Tickets through Arsenal

Once tickets go on sale to your level of membership, or go on general sale to non-members, you can buy the tickets through the Arsenal web site at

You can also buy on the phone, but you should be aware that waiting times on the phone can be quite long on occasion.

As noted above League Cup, FA Cup and European games during the group stages are generally easy to get but it is still worth noting the date when these tickets go on sale, and making sure you are on the site early to get the ticket/s you want.

Tickets through a supporters’ club

If you live some way away from London, or indeed outside of England, there is another way of getting tickets – through your regional supporters’ club.

There are hundreds of supporters’ clubs all over the world, and most of them are allocated a range of tickets for games through the year. How many tickets and how often they are obtained varies from club to club, and it depends very much on how big the club is, and where it is. But if you contact the club for your country or your region, they will be able to tell you what they receive. You will also find that they will quite often arrange group transport from their home base to the game and back.

Details are available at

Tickets for a one off visit including hotel stay

There is one official agent handling this: Thomas Cook. Details are at

Feeling rich?

For those who have over £2500 per season to spare there is another form of membership: Platinum, which gives access not only to the best seats in the ground but also fine dining before or after the game. There are often spaces available for this type of season ticket. See here

Travelling from abroad

Many travel agents in countries outside the UK offer special packages that are arranged in co-operation with Arsenal as one-off trips to London, with hotel accommodation and tickets for the game. However there have been cases of fraud exposed where the supposed tickets for a match are not valid. If using such an agency you should be careful that they are a fully licensed travel agency and have proper liaison with the club. Beware of anything that looks like a discounted price for tickets.

There is more about this on Arsenal’s website at

Buying on the day

There are usually touts who circulate around the Emirates Stadium offering to sell tickets. Buying and selling tickets within the proximity of the stadium is a criminal offence and there have even been occasions of supporters who have been seen passing a ticket over to a friend in exchange for money, being arrested and held in prison during the game. There are of course always people around who will boast that they have often bought tickets in this way without any problem, but you should realise that if you do buy a ticket from a tout you are engaging in a criminal act and you might be ripped off with a fake ticket, or arrested.

Arsenal very rarely have tickets available on the day for first team games, and if you do buy from anyone other than Arsenal or a fully licensed representative organisation then you are on your own.

Other Option

A recent entry to the market we have become aware of is new source for tickets The company offer a market-place where people with tickets can use their service to resell them. The company are upfront and honest about the service they provide and from what we can see it appears to be a comprehensive service with numerous ways to contact them (live chat, phone and email) with a well established system for paying and collecting tickets. We have no personal experience with this company but from what we can see they look like another feasible option to acquire Arsenal tickets.

Under 23 matches

Some Arsenal under 23 games are played at the Emirates and admission can be bought at the gate on the day. However not all under 23 games are played at the stadium and you should check on the Arsenal website for fixture details.

Likewise it is possible to go to Arsenal under 23 away matches around the country, and where these are open to the public one can always pay at the gate and walk in. There is normally no segregation in the ground, and attendances are normally just a few thousand. As a side note, you might like to note that at some away games of this nature my friends and I have been able to shake hands with and have a brief word with members of the Arsenal coaching staff, and even the head of the Arsenal Academy, not to mention one or two retired players.

Disabled supporters

Arsenal is one of the best clubs in the country for the provision of facilities for disabled supporters, and many who have used such arrangements are full of praise for the club and its staff. Where a disabled supporter needs a companion to help them, that person attends the game free of charge.

A final thought: how you get there.

A quick look at a London map shows that Arsenal is based in the middle of a residential part of London. There is some parking to be had – for example in school playgrounds that are rented out by the school via a local company – but it is limited, and often does not permit easy departure after the game. Most such carparks get full up long before the game. Cars parked illegally around the ground are routinely clamped or towed away – even on a Sunday.

Therefore it is worth planning how you are going to get to the game and away from the game before you set out. There is plenty of public transport and you will find many regular Arsenal fans do park near an underground station some distance from the stadium, and use the train for the last part of the journey.