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Gervinho Will Not Be Missed By Gunners Fans

Gervinho Will Not Be Missed By Gunners Fans

Gervinho’s poor form continues even after taking on a different challenge. Arsenal’s former forward is now playing for AS Roma and his performances are just as unpredictable as his last season at the Emirates. The 26 year old Ivorian embarrassed himself against Lazio, reminding the Gunner fans why he only spent two seasons training with Wenger.

Luckily for the Italian side who were facing their biggest rivals, Gervinho’s performance did not influence the game for the worst. They still managed to win even if Arsenal’s ex-forward missed some good opportunities.

Gervinho started with Arsenal in 2011 and had a lot of chances to secure a place in the starting line-up. Unfortunately he faded away after a couple of matches, showing lack of focus and confidence. The Emirates fans were too much for the young Ivorian who could not handle the pressure. It is very hard to believe that he will have any better luck facing Roma’s fans but only time will tell.

According to Metro, when he left Arsenal at the end of the summer, Wenger spoke highly of him, praising his creativity and instincts. Nonetheless, the Frenchman decided to let him go, thinking the Gunners have enough fire power to face the 2013-2014 season. One of the reasons for Gervinho’s departure was the fact that even though he had all the necessary qualities to make it, he could not find the necessary confidence to express himself on the pitch.

Even though the Ivorian started off as a promising player, he gradually regressed when it came to form and efficiency. The fans were happy to see him leave after being a constant disappointment over the last 6 months he spent at the Emirates. According to some rumours, the Ivorian made Lamela’s transfer to Tottenham possible which may have helped their rivals but moving Gervinho has surely improved the overall mood amongst the Arsenal squad.

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