Flamini Settles Shirt Row In Time To Face Cardiff City

Flamini Settles Shirt Row In Time To Face Cardiff City

Flamini was featured in Arsenal’s first team in one of the Gunners’ most important games of the season. The Frenchman was sent in by Wenger to perform against French side Marseille right from the start and finished the game on the pitch. Even if his performance was pretty decent, he was still publicly reprimanded by Arsenal’s boss who was disappointed in his player’s behavior.

According to ESPN, Wenger was very upset with the fact that the 29 year old midfielder decided to cut his sleeves before the game being unhappy with the team’s decisions to perform in long sleeved shirts. The Gunners managed to win because of Wilshere’s brilliant performance but even so, Arsenal’s manager found time to criticize Flamini for his inadequate actions.

The Frenchman’s decision would have not been so harshly criticized if not for the North London club tradition according to which all of the players have to go on the pitch wearing the same type of shirt. The type of shirt is chosen each time by the team captain and everyone has to comply. Flamini decided not to take into consideration this particular custom and used a pair of scissors to turn his long-sleeved shirt into a short-sleeved one. This is not his first problem with the way things are done on Emirates as far as equipment goes. Earlier this month he had the same problem with Vic Akers who is responsible with the club’s home and away kits.

Wenger insisted that Flamini will never behave in a similar way in the future. The Frenchman was clearly upset with the fact that his player failed to listen the first time and continued to defy the club’s tradition. Surprisingly, Arsenal’s midfielder is just as determined to continue using short sleeved regardless of his captains’ choice. The Gunner also hinted that he is no longer a youngster to be told what to do and what to wear. Compatriot, Olivier Giroud also looked a bit uncomfortable playing with long sleeves but instead of cutting them, he decided to simply role them up. Flamini’s behavior is pretty strange considering he came back to Arsenal because of Wenger who gave the Frenchman one last chance to perform at the highest level possible.

Seemingly, the now educated and respectful, Flamini will (if selected) roll his sleeves up against Cardiff City when they face them on Saturday. Cardiff have enjoyed some early success against the “big” clubs – beating Manchester City 3-2 and holding Manchester United to a 2-2 tie last wekkend. Cardiff are a particular threat at set-pieces and Arsenal will be taking them very seriously.

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