Could Song Make A Return To The Emirates?

Could Song Make A Return To The Emirates?

Even with the transfer period ending a couple of months back and with several fixtures left in this football season, Arsenal are constantly being linked to numerous players. According to recent news, the Gunners may resign one of their most important players from last season. It looks like Alex Song has had a tough time finding his place on Camp Nou. His return to Emirates Stadium is a definite possibility, considering Barca’s midfielder is not happy with his current situation. He was voted one of the worst transfers of 2012.

Song is currently valued at around £13 million. With Wenger stating that his team is willing to spend over £70 million on transfers, this transfer is definitely one to consider. The ex Arsenal player was an important part of the team and had managed some excellent seasons for the Gunners.  Furthermore, his place is not with Barcelona at least not with the current line-up.

Arsenal lack a strong defensive midfielder to help sustain Wilshere, Walcott and Giroud.  There is a chance Wenger will not be able to sign a suitable replacment player as some of them are reticent when it comes to the Gunners. Their lack of success is a definite issue that may weigh quite a lot for footballers who have not yet won any trophies.

Song has been with Barcelona for 12 months now and he only managed 13 league appearances with little possibility for future matches. The fact that he was one of Arsenal’s most valued players who were on the field on a regular basis may be a lot more important than winning trophies to which he will not contribute.

The most viable solution seemingly for Arsenal to fill the empty place left after Song’s transfer is Capoue, but he is a difficult player to sign, considering his excellent form and that he is being monitored by several other teams that could offer a better possibility of winning trophies.

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