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City are no Arsenal invincibles, says Wenger

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger insists Manchester City are no match for his invincibles team that went unbeaten in the Premier League during the 2003/04 season.

City have started the season in unbeatable fashion, looking almost unstoppable in every game they play. Many have speculated that the Sky Blues are unstoppable, with the majority agreeing that they are the most feared side in Europe at the moment.

Regardless of how brilliant they have been this season though, Gunners’ boss Wenger believes that they are ‘not unstoppable’, saying that his side could have very nearly beaten Guardiola’s side if not for some poor refereeing on the day.

Arsenal sit 6th in the table, 12 points off the leaders City, but Wenger insists the Sky Blues will be beaten.

“They are a good side but they are not an unstoppable side,” he told BeIN Sports.

“If you look at the expected goals, it was 0.7 for them and 0.6 for us, it was a very tight game.

“They created very little and very little shots on target, just one more than us.

“The referee had an absolutely atrocious input to the result of the game.

“Overall we were hugely punished by the third goal because at 2-1 we would have been in the game.

“I don’t dispute that they are a good side, but they are not an unstoppable side.”

Wenger was then asked about the possibility of City going the whole season unbeaten, and the Frenchman refused to pass comment, but hinted at his own success with the 03/04 invincibles squad.

“People always want to predict what will happen in the game,” he added.

“I don’t know more than you, maybe, maybe not, but at the moment only one team has done it”.

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