Carragher Warns Liverpool Against Selling Suarez

Carragher Warns Liverpool Against Selling Suarez

The long drawn saga of Luis Suarez is set to go down till the very last day of the transfer window. There is no end in sight to this, and it looks like the rest of the window will be dominated with this story itself. Suarez still desperately wishes to quit Anfield, while Liverpool remain adamant about their decision of not letting him go.

Arsenal, who have already had two massive bids rejected for him, are still not agreeing to throw in the towel just yet. Liverpool owner John Henry has revealed that he personally spoke to Arsenal’s CEO Ivan Gazidis, and has said that he will not be selling the Uruguayan for any amount whatsoever. However, the Gunners are still optimistic on their chances of landing Suarez and are also willing to bide their time and wait till the very end to conclude this piece of their transfer business.

It might perhaps be one of the trickiest tasks for Arsenal to pull this deal off, given the firm stance of Liverpool over their coveted striker. Many footballing greats and current players have spoken about this transfer, and joining now is Liverpool legend Carragher. The recently retired defender was asked about his views on this particular transfer and he revealed that Liverpool have to stop this deal from happening, or else they might just end up ‘looking stupid’.

Sky Sports quoted him as saying, “I expect him to stay at Liverpool now,”

“I think if you come out as owner and say that, and then something happens, you make yourself look stupid. I’m glad he has done it and I think everyone in football should be glad he has done it. It is maybe a message for players.”

“I trained with him once this summer and you are talking about probably one of the best trainers I have ever seen. I’ve only seen him once. God knows what he has been like all pre-season, but he hasn’t been his normal self.”

With Carragher warning his former team against selling Suarez, what do you foresee next in this story?

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