Bergkamp Confident Arsenal Are Ready To End Trophy Drought

Bergkamp Confident Arsenal Are Ready To End Trophy Drought

Dennis Bergkamp has always been interested in what the players at the Emirates are up to. Even if Arsenal’s former striker refused staying with the club after leaving London, he still takes time to analyze the Gunners’ current situation. He will always be the go to guy when pertinent opinions need to be formulated and he is the perfect individual to remind Gooners that the North London club should be up there among the best European teams fighting for glory.

According to ESPN, Bergkamp is confident that the Gunners are on the right path to changing their current status. The Emirates team hasn’t won anything in 8 and a half years which is a lot for such an important football brand.

The Non-Flying Dutchman sees signs that point towards a bright future when looking at Arsenal’s current team. In recent statements he compared Wilshere and his teammates to the group that managed to win trophies back when Henry and he dominated the Premier League standings.

Apparently one of the key elements which has helped the Gunners reach such great form is the fact that they are more determined and focused than ever. They have also developed a solid on pitch relationship after a few good years of performing together. Players like Walcott and Wilshere have finally matured and are now perfectly complemented by Ozil who brings the team to a whole different level.

Bergkamp also spoke about a possible return to Arsenal. With many rumors surrounding the Emirates recently the Dutchman may consider becoming a part of the Gunners’ managerial team. The former striker is currently working with Ajax which is the most comfortable situation for him. As most Gooners know, Bergkamp was called the non-flying Dutchman, a name which he received because of his fear of flying. Because of that, moving to a club like Arsenal may be a problem. He even admitted he is not tempted to take on a full managerial position and that he is most comfortable as being part of a larger staff.

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