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Bendtner Might Say Goodbye For Good This Time

Bendtner Might Say Goodbye For Good This Time

It’s been 969 days since the Danish striker last started for Wenger’s team. This once promising player probably had his last chance to prove himself against Chelsea. It could have been his moment considering the great opportunity given to him by Arsenal’s manager who had high hopes for Bendtner. Unfortunately for the Gunners, the 25 year old striker looked amateurish and reminded fans why he was never a first choice in front of goal.

Arsenal’s striker only lasted 67 minutes on the pitch after which he was replaced by Giroud who could not do anything to fix the score. Bendtner had no chance of scoring after being carefully marked by Luiz and Cahill who prevented the Gunner from having any attempt on goal. It even got a bit embarrassing after a while to see the Danish strikers’ stats. Even with the whole team working in his favor, he still managed to get 67 minutes on the pitch without any shots.

Now, with the Capital One Cup finished for Arsenal, the Premier League is the competition to focus on. The Gunners finally have a great chance to win the most important domestic competition in which they are currently involved. Wenger is determined to end his teams’ drought which is quickly reaching a decade. With that in mind and also considering that Arsenal may even attempt reaching the Champions League final, Bendtner’s future with the club is rather uncertain.

According to the DailyMail, there is no turning back for the Danish player who was never a fan favorite. He made a name for himself off the pitch rather than through his performances and continued to disappoint year after year. He was sent on loan hoping that he would grow and return as a viable option for Arsenal’s attacking line.

People are starting to wonder why he is still part of Wenger’s team. His dedication to the game is close to nothing and his skill is barely visible especially after games like the one against Chelsea where he managed no attempts on or off goal, zero tackles and no useful passes.

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