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Bendtner In His Final Chapter With Arsenal

Bendtner In His Final Chapter With Arsenal

Weirdly enough Bendtner, who has not managed to do much for Arsenal during the past years, is unhappy with the fact that he did not leave Emirates at the end of the summer. After stating that he is ready to finally prove himself and that he is more determined than ever to repay Wenger for the many chances he has given him, the Danish striker insisted he was actually ready to go on and that he was not allowed to leave when he wanted to. This is not actually a big surprise coming from him. Bendtner has always been the odd one in the bunch, making a name for himself by showing off while out in the town rather than on the pitch.

According to ESPN, the Gunner hoped to leave the Emirates but was denied the chance of moving on by Wenger who said he still needs the 25 year old striker. To be fair, the Frenchman did have little to no options if something were to happen to Giroud. Arsenal may have transferred Ozil but failed to bring in either Villa or Higuain.

Bendtner who just before his poor performance against Chelsea in the Capital One Cup insisted he is happy with his situation at the club and that he will train harder in order to get a spot in Wenger’s starting line-up, is now claiming that he missed out on some great offers because of Arsenal’s manager.

The Danish international also said he has to fight twice as hard during each game and also score in order to make the first team. He blamed his poor form on a past injury but what he did not say is that his poor performances started 2 or 3 years back.

What Bendtner failed to mention is the fact that Wenger gave him endless chances to prove his skill and determination. Keeping him at the Emirates was not only in Arsenal’s interest but also in the Danish striker’s interest to. It is hard to believe that the offers he mentioned came from a better club than Arsenal.

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