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Arsene Wenger Will Decide His Future Later But Plans To Manage Somewhere Next Season

The criticism of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger in the two days since their hammering in Munich on Wednesday night has been more vicious than ever.

It may not be the opinion of every Gunners fan, but turn to the likes of Arsenal Fan TV and, even for them, the criticism has been louder than ever before, with the club seemingly stuck in their usual February rut.

The French manager faced the media at their London Colney training ground on Friday morning with his future more in doubt than ever before. Judging by their reaction, man Gunners fans will have been hoping that he called it a day there and then. However, being realistic, that was never going to happen.

What some corners of the media were expecting was an announcement that he would be leaving the club come the end of the season. Once again, no announcement came. The boss, who has been at the helm in north London for over two decades, simply stated that he would assess his position in March or April, that he would be managing somewhere next season and that he intended to stick to his values and make sure Arsenal were in good hands for the future. You really can’t crticise him for his values as despite his results this year he really does want the best for the club.

Whilst many fans will be desperate to know his future as soon as possible, it may not be as wise as some think to get the decision out in public before the end of the season.

While, undoubtedly it would give the fans and board clarity, and the latter could begin planning for a replacement, it would have detrimental effects on the pitch.

Some reports across the season have claimed that the likes of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez have wanted, amongst other things, to see the manager commit to a new deal before they put pen-to-paper on their own, he is clearly doing something right.

Furthermore, if the entire squad know that the manager is off come May, regardless of what he says to them, they will not look to go out and play for him. Therefore, while the Champions League dream may be over for another year, things could get a lot worse with a playing staff that know their leader is no longer committed.

This mentality was evident at Manchester City last season. The Sky Blues, having spent the majority of the first half of the season atop the Premier League table, endured a slump after the announcement that Manuel Pellegrini would be leaving the club at the end of the season, with Pep Guardiola his replacement, and ended up finishing fourth, 15 behind champions Leicester.

Therefore, while it may seem frustrating for Wenger to continue to keep his cards close to his chest after such a defeat, take a step back and you may realise it is a benefit to the entire season that he has kept quiet, for now.

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