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Arsenal Stars Flying High, Literally!

Arsenal Stars Flying High, Literally!

A group of young Arsenal players are currently in the Middle East as a part of Arsenal’s sponsorship agreements for promoting regional soccer school in the Middle Eastern countries. They have tied up with Fly Emirates who of course sponsor their home ground, the Emirates Stadium. They have recently renewed their arrangement with the airlines and have extended their contract, and in return the club have sent Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gibbs and Jenkinson over to the middle eastern countries to promote the sport.

DailyMail reported that while the trio were representing the club as ambassadors, they tied up with Fly Emirates and they all tried their hand at flying an airplane. Though it was a simulator of course, the three players were tested to the limit in this tough task. They were initially briefed on the basics of piloting by Captain Warren Coles, who then lead them into the simulated cockpit.

Oxlade-Chamberlain went in first and was seemingly impressive for a first-timer, and confidently said, “I’ve got it under control boys, we’re down in one piece.”

Gibbs followed him next, and even though he was decent in his attempt, he was a bag of nerves throughout, as he spoke of his experience while saying “I don’t think I’ll be a pilot anytime soon.”

Last to try his hand at this was Jenkinson. With the bar set relatively high by Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gibbs, he had to bring his best to compete in this mini competition. However, he performed horribly during his turn as he had a very rocky landing, and managed to bounce the aircraft on the simulator. Luckily it was just a simulator, otherwise the losses incurred to both Fly Emirates and their relationship with Arsenal Football Club could have been potentially massive!

Jenkinson spoke after his horrid time in the cockpit saying, “‘I was more excited going in there, but then when I was actually in the seat, I was quite nervous,”

“It was a lot more difficult than I anticipated.”

It’s good to see the footballers have a shot at an alternate career once they hang up their footballing boots, right?

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