‘I Have Never Changed’ Former Arsenal Striker Lauds Club Legends In Interview

‘I Have Never Changed’ Former Arsenal Striker Lauds Club Legends In Interview

Nicolas Anelka has recently been interviewed by Çiğdem Günal from Turkish sports media outlet Tivibu Spor [via Rezzan Yetiş] – in the interview, he praised former Arsenal legends that he played under and alongside during his time at the club.

Anelka spoke on his illustrious playing career – he mentioned his best moments, as well as the trials and tribulations of some of his lowest points.

The French centre-forward has always been a controversial, outspoken figure – however, he should also be remembered for his extensive talents and level of success during his time as a player.

A nomadic player, Anelka turned out for clubs such as Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester City during his star-studded career.

What did Nicolas Anelka say regarding his time at Arsenal in the interview?

When asked who the best players he played alongside during his career, he named an Arsenal all-star in his answer. He said: “Yes, it’s difficult because there are so many players. But I will say Zidane or Thierry Henry.”

Moreover, when questioned on who the best managers he worked under were, Anelka answered: “Arsene Wenger and Carlo Ancelotti.”

What else did Anelka have to say?

Interesting, Anelka said that he wanted to leave Manchester City in 2005 to join a bigger club. The Frenchman said: “At that time I was at Manchester City, I wanted to play for a bigger club. City at that time was very different from now. It was a smaller club.

“I knew Fenerbahçe had the potential to play in the Champions League, because if we finished first in the league we would play in the Champions League.”

Additionally, Anelka also said that football is not his favourite sport – instead, the Frenchman claimed ti prefer Tennis to the beautiful game.

He said: “Yes, I prefer tennis to football. Tennis is my number 1, football is my number 2. No, I am not. If I had chosen tennis I would have become a professional.”

He also spoke on his distaste for social media, saying: “It was not in my generation. Social media appeared when I was finishing football. I am happy that there was no social media when I was playing.

“I don’t like social media. I don’t like it as a person, I don’t like it as a footballer. There is too much information, too much video.”

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