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Arsenal Lost More Than A Game On Saturday

Arsenal Lost More Than A Game On Saturday

Wenger’s team was destroyed by City who could have scored even more. To be fair Arsenal also had their fair share of chances but it still would have not been enough to beat the Citizens. The Gunners looked somewhat disoriented at times and continued playing in the same way they did against Napoli in midweek.

The three points are not all Arsenal lost against City. They also lost their tempers, their concentration and most importantly, they lost Koscielny who will not be able to perform against Chelsea on the 23rd because of a deep laceration to his knee. The Frenchman posted a picture of his injury that looked just as bad as the scoring board looked for Gooners after 90 minutes against Manuel Pellegrini’s side.

According to Metro, Koscielny who uploaded the picture to Facebook, commented by saying things are not as bad as they look. Even so he will surely miss out on one of Arsenal’s most important games of the year. The Gunners will have to face Chelsea at the Emirates hoping they will maintain their advantage over the Blues who are only 2 points behind and could surpass Wenger’s team if they win.

Vermaelen came in for Koscielny after the 28 year old defender got injured. Arsenal’s club captain will more than likely take his place for the next couple of games as the Frenchman is expected to miss out on the last three games of 2014.

Fortunately for Arsenal and their defender the damage to his knee is not as bad as it looks. The laceration is deep but no ligament or muscle damage is involved according to the club’s physicians. Koscielny formed a strong partnership in the Gunners defense alongside Mertesacker. Maybe things would not have gone so bad against City if the Frenchman avoided getting injured. It is for moments like this Wenger needs to bring in some new and talented players. Winning the Premier League will be close to impossible with such a thin squad you would think.

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