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Arsenal Lose 5-1 To Liverpool But All Is Not Lost

Arsenal Lose 5-1 To Liverpool But All Is Not Lost

Arsenal have dropped to second place after an unexpected defeat against rivals Liverpool who managed to score 5 goals against the Gunners. It was a huge disappointment to see Wenger’s side having to handle a 4 goal difference after just 20 minutes of the game. To be fair, Liverpool probably managed their best game of the season. Even so, Arsenal would have expected to have done better.

The defense seemed off the pace and flat-out had a bad game to a man, giving Sterling and Sturridge numerous chances to win the match which they took. The set-pieces were a mess and defenders forgot about Skrtel on two occasions which were enough to give Liverpool a 2 goal advantage just 10 minutes into the game. Although Arsenal had better possession they finished the first half of the game with no shots on target. It was embarrassing to watch especially when the other side seemingly found the target on each and every attack.

Suarez was once again incredible. Despite not being able to score, he created a lot of chances, hit the post with a cracking strike and helped his team win a game which no one would have expected to go down as it did.

Watching the Gunners during the first half an hour reminded fans of their loss against City. Arsenal’s players were not able to turn their fortunes around and continued making poor decisions throughout the entire match. Fortunately for Wenger, the Emirates team is only one point behind Chelsea which means all is not lost and if they can react in the same way they did the Manchester City loss, they can still have a successful season.

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