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Arsenal fans have every right to feel cheated

Whilst victory against Tottenham is always a pleasing feeling, I for one continually feel cheated by this Arsenal team that seem to turn it on and off and when they please.

It is so infuriating and one of the reasons why supporters have a meltdown on a regular basis.

Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez in particular received huge plaudits for the performances that they put in – why wouldn’t they? The north London derby is the perfect shop window for them as both refuse to commit their futures to the club and therefore they both manage to showcase their talents to show Arsenal what they will be losing in the summer and ultimately what they will deliver their new club.

Whether the recent rumours of Mesut Ozil being a Manchester United target are real it certainly does not hurt the player’s value or appeal to other clubs when Ozil delivers like he did against Tottenham.

Quite why we didn’t cash in during the summer remains a total mystery and one that we will live to regret. Selling Sanchez to Manchester City should have happened much earlier in the summer window with plenty of time to find a suitable replacement or buy a top player in advance therefore giving the Gunners an even stronger bargaining position when selling players.

I know I should be buoyant and this may sound all negative, but when you watch performances like this I find myself saying ‘what might have been?’ The whole reason that Arsene Wenger is under so much pressure is that the club is regularly failing to mount a title challenge – despite our successes in the FA Cup in the past few seasons.

Inconsistent performances, players like Ozil picking and choosing as and when they want to turn up in games has meant that we are continually falling short throughout a season. Displays like the one against Tottenham – who most neutrals believe are now better equipped than us for the title – are all so infrequent and as a result leaves us scratching our heads at our inconsistency.

The problem is you never know which Gunners team is likely to turn up and ultimately will ensure that we will fall short once again.

So am I alone in feeling shortchanged by Arsenal, especially after a fantastic performance and result at the weekend?
Per Mertesacker says that playing Tottenham galvanized the players to perform given talk of being the underdog prior to the fixture – something that doesn’t sit right with me personally.

It is a shame that it needed such criticisms to get the players pulling their fingers out and performing, given they should be doing it on a weekly basis.

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