Arsenal Confident They Can Repeat Last Year’s Performance Against Bayern

Arsenal Confident They Can Repeat Last Year’s Performance Against Bayern

Wenger will surely play last year’s tape before the game against Bayern. Back then Arsenal managed a 2-0 win against the German side which is exactly what they need now to take the match into overtime. Hopes are high as the Gunners got a great morale boost from their 4-1 victory against Everton.

Despite Bayern’s incredible form, Wenger looks confident his team is not yet out of the race. Arsenal have had their ups and downs this season so there is no telling how things will turn up. During the first leg they looked perfectly capable of defeating Bayern up until losing Wojciech Szczesny to a much disputed red card which also led to the opening score.

Fabianski is going to take his fellow compatriot’s place for the second leg. The Polish international has had some great performances in 2014 so playing him is not necessarily a bad thing. The biggest problem Arsenal have is finding the right formula to compete with Bayern’s incredible midfielders. With Ramsey and Wilshere out with injury, Flamini, Ozil, Arteta and Rosicky will have to do their best to keep players like Muller and Kroos from scoring again.

The numbers are in Bayern’s favor. The Germans have not lost in 24 games and have been on a 16 match winning sequence. Even so Wenger seemed close to finding their weak spot at the Emirates. Hopefully he will have a bit more luck this time and manage an early goal which might take the crowd out of the game and allow Arsenal to build up a head of steam.

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