Arsenal 2 – 1 Preston NE: Match Report

Arsenal 2 – 1 Preston NE: Match Report

Giroud should get a contract for life at the Emirates after this season in which he has singlehandedly saved the team from disasters.

He scored against PSG twice, he scored against Ludogorets, he scored against West Brom, he scored against Bournemouth and now against Preston. Without these goals, Arsenal would now probably be in the Europa League, would have been eliminated from the FA cup and would have been 6th in the Premier League.

It is incredible how dedicated and focused this player is despite spending most of his time on the bench. You could see it in his eyes and in the way that he celebrated the late goal against Preston how much love he carries in his heart for this amazing club.

Maybe Wenger should reward him by giving him a contract extension and more chances to shine.

Olivier Giroud

What is also interesting is how good Perez plays with Giroud. The two work great together and seem to have been playing alongside each other for years. Maybe the Spaniard should also be given some more time on the pitch as players like Sanchez need a rest from time to time or even a short time off. A fresh attack can always do good especially now that Giroud seems to have started to deliver during tough times. Critics said he is not star-quality material because he doesn’t have competition morale. He must have changed their opinion after the last couple of months. Similar to the Gunners performance against Preston, if you fancy your chances of success then check out this bonus code.

Going forward, Arsenal still need to work hard to get back to the form they showed after the Liverpool defeat. Something is not working, something has changed. Preston caused too much fuss in the Gunners’ box and might have even won the game if not for Monreal or Ospina. Next up, the North Londoners face Swansea who are just two points away from last place in the Premier League. The have the second worst defense in the league and will most likely leave the first tier at the end of June. If Arsenal do want to keep their title hopes alive, they should stroll passed their adversaries and score at least 2-3 goals.

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