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Ancelotti Declines Arsenal Morata Loan Approach

Ancelotti Declines Arsenal Morata Loan Approach

Wenger had his mind set on finding a temporary solution for Arsenal’s attack. After Walcott’s injury and Giroud’s obvious decrease in form due to fatigue, the Frenchman made Morata a priority. The 21 year old was supposed to come to North London on loan and help fight for Premier League glory.

According to Metro, the Spain U21 international’s arrival to the UK is very unlikely after Carlo Ancelotti insisted his player is not free to leave even on loan. Despite not being used very often, Morata is still a great substitution option to have. With Higuain gone at the beginning of the season and with Benzema in indifferent form, the striker looks like an important part of the Italian boss’s future plans.

It is unfortunate situation for the player and Arsenal considering they both needed each other. Wenger is now obligated to look elsewhere making the Gunners’ situation more complicated.

Arsenal had a £2million offer prepared for loaning Morata for the next few months but it appears money is not the issue that needed addressing. After Ancelotti’s firm stance on whether the young Spaniard will move to England or not, it is more likely to see Benzema heading to North London than to see Morata sign a deal anytime soon.

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